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Daily Cupcakes: Links from Around the NHL 5/8/13

Marc Piscotty

Sandie is busy doing her nails, so I'm pinch hitting today. We should have her back tomorrow, so this should just be a temporary drop in quality.

The Buffalo Sabres have removed "interim" from the title of head coach Ron Rolston. Rolston replaced Lindy Ruff who we're covering today in the latest coaching story thingy.

"When we first brought Ron in as the interim coach that was the intention, to interview other candidates," Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier said. "As it progressed and seeing Ron's interaction with the team, both as a teacher and a motivator, it became evident that he was a very good fit not only for the present, but for the future."

And speaking of the Avs' coaching search, Kevin Goff believes that the Avalanche should look to an outsider for the coaching job. He also believes in unicorns and UFOs.

The time has come for Pierre Lacroix and the rest of the Avalanche front office to realize that the times have changed and that their way of evaluating and hiring coaches is a thing of the past.

Finally, an interesting story about how Vancouver Canucks fans are a) rabid and b) have terrible time management skills.

The receipt, originally for one large pizza for pick-up with extra chicken, was cancelled out and turned into a delivery because "canucks have tied game, [customer] cannot leave house to pickup.