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News of the Colorado Avalanche - Links around the NHL - June 12th, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

Carey Price’s old goalie coach

isn’t impressed with what he sees.

Carey Price’s former goaltending coach says the Montreal Canadiens netminder has become progressively worse over the last few seasons due to bad guidance.

Roland Melanson, who is the current goaltending coach with the Vancouver Canucks, told L’Acadie Nouvelle — a French daily newspaper in New Brunswick — that Price has been in decline since Melanson left Montreal in 2009.

“Carey hasn’t stopped deteriorating since I left. He’s all over the place now,” said Melanson in a report posted Monday. “At some point, there has to be some accountability in the school yard. The position requires a lot of work and Carey hasn’t been consistent. He let things slide in practice and it caught up to him during games.”

But, wait, the Globe and Mail disagrees.

Shame that what he said is, well, not really supported by the facts.

Double shame that his comments have brought a gust of wind into the burning coals of goalie hating in Montreal - a phenomenon that tests the outer bounds of civility and sanity.

There’s a tendency, based on Price’s sudden loss of form over the last month of the season, to think he has regressed.

Maybe. Or maybe the Habs are a flawed team that lacks defensive depth and elite scoring.

The CHL is phasing out European goalies.

Foreign goaltenders are on the way out in the Canadian Hockey League.

The national governing body for major junior hockey announced on Tuesday that the CHL's 2013 Import Draft will be the final opportunity for member clubs to select European goaltenders.

"The goaltender position is the most important in our game," said CHL president David Branch in a statement. "In partnership with Hockey Canada, the CHL has identified the need to further develop Canadian goaltenders by providing increased opportunities for them to compete in our league and succeed at the next level.