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The Mock Streit and also Stanley Cup Final Game 3 Open Thread

The series is tied 1-1. Tonight's game is at 8:00 Eastern (which is a damn late Monday home game in Boston) on NBC Sports, CBC, and RDS.

Maybe he just didn't want to quit wearing orange, hey?
Maybe he just didn't want to quit wearing orange, hey?

I don't know about where you live, but where I'm at, it's HOLYSHITHOT out. And they tell me there's still hockey on tonight? I'm with Jeff Marek on this one: Gary, get your game out of June.

Now for the story of Sir Makesalot.

Sir Makesalot had reached the later years of his career.
"I've never had a Cup," said he, "nor money out my ears,"
So he turned down a decent deal to stay home on the Isle,
which caused a trade to Philly. Now of course this perked the wiles
Of the World Wide Commentariat that trolls the Internet.
"Just wait and see what Holmgren does. Could be the best one yet,"
They said with fingers crossed and shitty jokes already typed.
Sir Makesalot, they said, would never be worth Philly hype.

Sir Holmgren wheeled and dealed away, his agents typing fast,
Sir Makesalot's one agent spun his client's contract last,
And finally the details would leak out. Sir Dreger spake!
"The deal will be for four years. More than five millions the take."
We laughed and laughed! And laughed some more! We knew it would be lots,
But never really think Philly will fill more graveyard plots
In Goalie Land until they do. And Ilya's heart then sank.
Sir Makesalot, the record shows, laughed til he reached the bank.