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Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Open Thread

Coverage starts tonight at 8:00 Eastern on NBC, CBC, and RDS. There's already a live desk of talking heads on if you really, really want.

what a shot
what a shot
Harry How

Cool day for Avs news, but let's talk about that in their respective articles eh? If you're sick of draft speculation and just want to chill and watch the game this is the place for you!

Marian Hossa is officially "day to day" which, after being an unannounced scratch, probably means he's done for the series. Nathan Horton is likely playing through a shoulder separation that has plagued his entire career, and Gregory Campbell obviously is done.

For some pregame reading, Justin Bourne's take on how to beat Boston's defensive layers, and how Chicago isn't doing it just like Pittsburgh didn't do it, kicks all of the ass. If you missed his earlier post on their "layer" concept it's linked from there. Seriously. Read. It will make you smarter.

Great article, Justin, go have fun out there.