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Playoffs Thread: June 2

LAST NIGHT: LAK 1 - 2 CHI (Blackhawks lead 1-0), BOS 3 - PIT 0 (Bruins lead 1-0)

what an incredible photo this is. You = best)))),
what an incredible photo this is. You = best)))),
Jamie Squire

Day 2 of the conference finals is the second stupid scheduling day, but we'll alternate a game per day from here on. Despite the Eastern conference teams having a week off while each of Los Angeles and Chicago went seven games, it's the West that plays back to back. Apparently we can blame Mick Jagger for this or something.

#5 Los Angeles Kings at #1 Chicago Blackhawks (1-0 CHI)

8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, TSN, RDS

Didn't see Game 1, but from what I hear Mike Richards got his shit cleaned up by Dave Bolland. News is tricking down the twitters as I write this that there won't be any supplemental discipline resulting. I'm sure everyone will be okay with this.

Apparently the Blackhawks put 17 shots on Jonathan Quick in the first period. Jeez!