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Open Thread: Stanley Cup Final, Game 5

Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel: 8:00 Eastern on NBC, CBC, and RDS

Patrick Sharp scores a preposterously handsome power play goal.
Patrick Sharp scores a preposterously handsome power play goal.

Just some fun numbers and stuff from the insanely entertaining Game 4.

Of the 11 goals scored, only Patrice Bergeron potted 2. Six Blackhawks and four Bruins scored goals. Bryan Bickell, Michael Roszival, Zdeno Chara, and Jaromir Jagr each had two assists. Overall, 22 skaters had at least a point, but no one had more than 2.

Corey Crawford's .848SV% in Game 4 has been worldwide conversation, but there's been nearly no mention of Tuukka Rask's similarly MAF-tier .872SV% (on a sample size of 14 more shots). Also Crawford was only on the one-bad-game level of .888SV% at even strength so I guess what I'm trying to say is shut up you big babies no one is playing Ray Emery. Actually no, don't shut up. Go propose starting Emery at SCH where I'm sure they have no intention of setting you on fire or anything. (Full disclosure, Rask was .903SV% at evens.)

Chara played 28:15, which is a lot. But Duncan Keith logged 32:27 on 40 shifts.

Power plays in this series have been completely humdrum right? Well both teams scored a PPG (Boston twice!) and Michal Handzus scored his first-ever playoffs Shorty Brought to You By T-Pain™ to open the night.

Now for the narrative! Game 5 is a big one as the team that wins takes a 3-2 lead BUT now for the other narrative, which is but ___ won the Cup in ___ after losing Game 5 and going down 3-2 so it's not that important! (The 2001 Avalanche are in that counterpoint). Eff history stats like that. What will happen in THIS series?