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Mile High Hockey Draft Party: Online Edition

Too far away to go to the MHH meetup (which is at 12:30 MT at Jake's)? Too at work? Too full of excuses? Come hang out with us!

Jones, Drouin, MacKinnon, and also Darnell Nurse (may or may not be in frame for you).
Jones, Drouin, MacKinnon, and also Darnell Nurse (may or may not be in frame for you).
Bruce Bennett

The Entry Draft begins at 3:00pm Eastern. The whole thing will be today, as opposed to past years when the first round happened one night and the rest took up the next day. Some light reading while we wait for things to happen:

Bob McKenzie's top 75+

Craig Button's Mock First Round

ISS June Ratings

Central Scouting: North American Skaters | Goaliemans

Central Scouting: International Skaters | Goaliemans

Full Draft Order

We'll be updating the site with articles on every pick, so check in throughout the day. You can watch on TSN or online on if you're a Northerner. Americans can watch on NBC Sports for a while, then it will switch to NHL Network. The Avalanche currently have their original pick in each round of the draft.

  1. #1 (from #2 via lottery): Nathan MacKinnon
  2. #32: Chris Bigras
  3. #63
  4. #93
  5. #123
  6. #153
  7. #183

The end number changes because there will be 31 picks in the second round; Winnipeg has a compensatory pick which I guess you get if you can't sign a first-rounder. You get a second-round pick at the spot in the draft order where you couldn't sign the first-rounder. In Winnipeg's case that's then-Atlanta's 2008 1st-rounder Daultan Leveille, who has since played for such iconic minor hockey franchises as the ECHL's Wheeling Nailers. In Wikipedia we trust.