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3rd Round: Avs Select Spencer Martin with #63 Overall

The Avs selected a goalie, Spencer Martin, in the 3rd round.

Bruce Bennett

After taking a forward and a defenseman, the Avs decided to add to our goalie depth by selecting Spencer Martin. He's a 6'2", 190 lb right-handed tender who is known for his speed, agility and ability to react. It certainly sounds like we just added another Varly/Sami type to the system, but he's a tall goalie who is a big fan of the butterfly. Just like those two, he has a tendency to scramble after the puck and needs to work on his positioning, but he has the physical and mental fortitude to potentially become an NHL starter. He's also used to playing behind a less than outstanding defense in Mississauga of the OHL, and he's projected to be a project with a 3-5 year ETA. Oh, and his weakness according to this site is "Rebound Control".

Welcome to the Avs, Spencer Martin. You'll fit right in... if you can find a spot in our depth chart.