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Avalanche pick D Mason Geertsen in the fourth round

After selecting a center, a defenseman and a goaltender (WTF??), the Avalanche continue to create a team from prospects by selecting Mason Geertsen, another d-man. Mason is 6'4" 203-pound Alberta native. The word on him is fantastic: big, bad hands, can't skate, needs to improve decision making, takes bad penalties. But he can hit! Woohooo.

Other reports paint a more positive picture.From Hockey's Future:

Big, tough, rearguard. Already NHL-sized. Established early as a player prepared to take on WHL heavyweights. Able to control opponents in defensive zone. Should become more involved offensively as skating improves.

He's had some leadership experience and is quick to step up for his teammates. Regarding fights, he said, “It’s fun I guess. It’s like you can get out all of the anger you had on the team and stuff. Guys you didn’t like on the team you can take it out now it’s kind of fun.”

The biggest thing Geertsen has to offer is his size, but de does realize he has room to improve. “I’m definitely going to try to work on my offensive ability. It definitely got a lot better since last year; I’ve more than doubled my points from last year. I’m going to keep working on that kind of stuff.”