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Playoffs thread: June 4th

Last night Boston roflstomped Pittsburgh 6-1 and lead that series 2-0.


Last night's game was so weird. Has Sid ever been that bad? Like, ever?

#1 Chicago Blackhawks at #5 Los Angeles Kings (2-0 CHI)

9:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, TSN, RDS

Chicago actually chased Jonathan Quick in Game 2. That's mad! And then there was a scrum later on and Corey Crawford jumped in to save Jonathan Toews and Bernier acted like he wanted to drop the pillows. So that was almost bananas! /reaching

LA haven't lost at home this postseason, and Quick is due a bounceback game after that anomaly last night, so we can probably expect things to be different tonight. At least hopefully. It would be nice if one of these series would bring us some intrigue.