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Playoffs Thread: June 5

LA held the line at home last night, winning 3-1 (with an ENG). Blackhawks lead the series 2-1.

Sid? Kris? .....little help?
Sid? Kris? .....little help?
Bruce Bennett

#1 Pittsburgh Penguins at #4 Boston Bruins (2-0 BOS)

8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, CBC, RDS

Whoa, hang on, David Krejci has 20 points in 14 postseason games? Him?

Pittsburgh was pretty ugly in Game 1 so they came out with a vengeance in Game 2 and somehow accomplished the feat of looking even worse. After getting beat on a breakaway and a just-barely-ended power play, then letting in a saveable goal after Brad Marchand roasted Matt Cooke, Tomas Vokoun was yanked in favor of Marc-Andre Fleury. Who gave up a goal on his first shot too. But I mean... it's gotta be Vokoun tonight, right? He was mediocre in Game 2 and then so was Fleury as the team in front of them dropped deuce after deuce on the ice.

For their part the Bruins are playing straight-up bananas good. They're winning the battle of the mind and the body, with Penguins coaches and players saying over and over "We didn't play our game" "we need to get back to playing our game." The Bruins are just knocking the crap out of everything and the Penguins are trying to match that for what I'm sure is a perfectly good reason, saying they shouldn't try to do that, and then going back out and continuing to do that anyway. And Julien's defense has looked just unstoppable. It helps when you've got the personnel he does, but man, get around one B and there's another B right there ready to take the puck away. Get around him and a third has planted you. And that's without the benefit of last change.

Pittsburgh has a long uphill battle in front of them if they want to keep up this "ice hockey in June" nonsense.