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Playoffs Thread: June 6

Last Night the Bruins defeated the Penguins, 2-1, in double overtime, one of the finest games this postseason has produced. If you missed it you're poorer for having done so. Bruins lead the series 3-0.

how now
how now
Harry How

#1 Chicago Blackhawks at #5 Los Angeles Kings (2-1 CHI)

9:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, CBC, RDS

LA defended home ice in Game 3 as Chicago brought, according to apparent Internet consensus, their C-game. With the Hawks losing Duncan Keith for the night due to his attempted Game of Thrones spoiler on Jeff Carter, and with the Kings having won every postseason game in Los Angeles so far, this series is shaping up to head back to Chicago a best-of-three.

Mike Richards is still out with a Bumponnanoggin for Los Angeles. The Blackhawks are relatively healthy. No word on why they haven't dressed Patrick Kane yet this series.