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Help us Puck Cancer!

Don't forget to donate, even if it's just $5! The race is this Saturday, and we've upped the ante for Avs fans who donate. The raffle includes a signed Landy puck, a signed Landy picture with the Calder Cup, and a signed Landy action picture. All you have to do to get in on the raffle is write in "Raffle" in the note field. It's an awesome cause—'cuz PUCK CANCER—and it's an awesome group of people. Even just $5 would be wonderful. You can donate to the whole team or pick an individual. (I'm only $15 from reaching my goal. *wink wink*)

Thanks, again, folks. You guys made all the difference. After I posted this article and put it up on Twitter and Facebook, our team total doubled in about 6 hours. Best. Readers. Ever.

Oh, here's a picture of my t-shirt for the race. I made it myself! (I'm not an artist...leave me be!)


A bunch of us Avs fans are doing the Walk for Life in Washington Park on July 20th. Our goal is to raise $1,000. We're about a third of the way there. Each of us has our own story dealing with cancer, some more intimate than others, just as I'm sure all of you do, too.

Team Puck Cancer is all about making a difference hockey style. Even if it's just a drop in the frozen pond, it's our way of telling cancer that we're going to check its ass Mack Truck style.

As an incentive, we're giving away raffle tickets with your donations. We're gathering up some signed Avs merchandise, starting with a signed Landy puck donated by KSE. (Say what you will about the organization and its distance from fans, but they have helped us with every charity event we've ever had.) Kevin Christensen of MVP Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Lakewood, CO, is also generously giving us some items for the raffle.

It's EZPZ to donate. Just click on this link to our team page and follow the directions. If you want to sponsor a specific team member, click on his or her name. Otherwise, just choose "Donate Now" for a team gift. If you want to enter the raffle, type "Raffle Tickets" in the note field. Every little bit helps, even if it's only a few dollars.

Thanks, guys, and PUCK CANCER!