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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - July 26th, 2013

Harry How

The biggest news out of the NHL yesterday came in the form of contract extensions for non-players. In Chicago, the Blackhawks decided a second Stanley Cup win in 4 years was enough to reward Head Coach Joel Quenneville with an extension. The details of the deal will be announced Friday at a press conference.

"We certainly like being here," Quenneville told the Chicago Sun Times earlier this month. "We've liked our time here in Chicago. It's been a lot of thrills, a lot of excitement. We like everything surrounding the quality of life and being part of the sporting situation in town. We love the organization. There are a lot of positives in all aspects of being here. Hopefully things can work out."

The other, far more amusing, extension handed out yesterday was given to none other than Toronto GM Dave Nonis, whose busy off-season has included overpaying for David Clarkson, blatantly ignoring the excellent season put up by James Reimer in net and acquiring Jonathan Bernier from Los Angeles and releasing Mikhail Grabovski in order to re-sign HF Boards legend Tyler Bozak to a laughable contract where he will likely continue living on the coattails of Phil Kessel. Never change, Toronto.

Nonis said, "I'm very grateful to Tim Leiweke and our ownership group for this contract extension. Together with our hockey operations staff, we'll continue to patiently put the building blocks in place which will lead us to future success."

Newly acquired David Perron expects to find a nice home in Edmonton with all the kids as he transitions from a veteran-laden St. Louis Blues squad. As one of the guys cited as a recent example of what severe concussions can do to a a player, I wish Perron all the best in Edmonton. Keep your head up, kid.

"It's going to be different, but I love the game and I like to get up in the morning and see TV with hockey everywhere on it," Perron said. "It's going to be a different feeling than watching TV in St. Louis, for sure."