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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - August 16th, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

Who to watch during training camp?

Obviously everybody is going to be interested in taking a look at the top-overall draft pick. Fans are expecting MacKinnon to be a part of the Avalanche roster from day one, so they are going to want to see him in action right away. This was the case with both Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchene when they were drafted near the top of their respective drafts.

MacKinnon is already getting off to a great start with the Avalanche, joining Matt Duchene for offseason workouts. Seeing how the workout regiment benefitted Duchene this past season, it is exciting to know that MacKinnon is already looking to start taking steps forward before his professional career has officially begun. Keep your eyes on number 29.

Another hockey player is injured while golfing.

Flyers captain Claude Giroux had surgery on his right index finger after getting injured on a golf course in Ottawa.

Giroux sustained tendon damage when a golf club shattered and splintered into his finger Thursday. It’s unknown what caused the club to shatter. Giroux’s father told Gatineau, Que., newspaper Le Droit that the club broke in half on a swing and part of it struck Giroux’s finger.

Daniel Alfredsson talks hockey contract talks.

The 40-year-old former Ottawa captain explained that his last contract had been structured under the assumption he would retire before the final year of the deal, which was for $1-million.

“When I did my last contract for four years ending in the [2012-13] season, I was asked to help the team manage the salary cap by adding on an extra year to my contract. I agreed. Each side fully expected I would retire and not play the 2012-13 season,” Alfredsson said during a news conference at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. “However, after the 2012 season, I told the Sens I wanted to play another season. I also asked to look at a possible extension for this upcoming season at a fair amount to balance out the two years for both of us. They agreed.

“Sadly, the contract negotiations went nowhere, but I played out the season as I had promised and I believe this past season, was in my view, a very special one.”