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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - August 2nd, 2013

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Jonathan Daniel

Toronto had the Cup parade it wanted.

One fan yelled, “Way to bring it home, Davey!” Another called out, “Same time next year!” And as Dave Bolland stood and hoisted the Stanley Cup high above his head while being driven down Mimico Avenue in a vintage fire truck, a “Go Leafs go!” chant broke out.

If you squinted hard enough into the midday sun, it might have looked like the Toronto Maple Leafs had finally ended their 46-year championship drought. And while that was not the case, do not count out next year.

A youth hockey survey researched into why some Canadian kids aren’t playing hockey.

Last winter, Hockey Canada and Bauer Hockey Inc. commissioned an independent survey to better understand the challenges facing non hockey-playing families.

That’s because according to the two organizations, approximately 90 per cent of Canadian families choose to not have their kids play hockey. So a survey of 875 non hockey-playing families in Ontario and Nova Scotia was conducted to better understand why they don’t play the game and the top four reasons given were a) it wasn’t fun b) was too time consuming c) safety concerns d) and affordability.

Patrick Kane apologizes for his “wild” past.

Kane, ready to move on from a party-filled life -- at least in the public eye -- thanked those close to him for their support in the teary-eyed apology.

"I think a lot of people helped," the Chicago Blackhawks star said. "First and foremost, my parents were huge during it. And I'm sure they're disappointed when their kid goes through something like that."

Kane added: "It was tough to kind of let them down."