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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - September 19th, 2013

Doug Pensinger

Louis Leblanc’s girlfriend isn’t happy he got cut.

That’s where Canadian tennis star Aleksandra Wozniak comes in.

Wozniak, Leblanc’s girlfriend, was not happy with the move, prompting an angry tweet from the 26-year-old native of Blainville, Que., directed at the storied hockey club.

"He did everything the CH organisation told him to do and what … got cut this early?!" she tweeted.

"Worst excuse ever!!" she added, "This is wrong!"

The Leafs goalie, MacIntyre, has Care Bears on his mask.

Drew MacIntyre’s goalie mask has become something of a hit on the web this week during Maple Leafs training camp.

The mask features cartoon characters from the Care Bears and My Little Pony as well as Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

"My first daughter came along and her name was Mullen, so there was a Care Bear for her. We had another girl last year — Sallie — so now there’s two little Care Bears holding a mother bear. The mask was changed again when my 4-year-old (Mullen) started liking My Little Pony. She picked out that character."

And yes, MacIntyre took some good-natured ribbing from teammates when the characters first appeared four years ago. But the reason MacIntyre has departed from the norm in goalie-mask art — team logos, wild graphics and aggressive, tattoo-like images — began with his wife, Karen, and then the birth of his first daughter, Mullen, four years ago.

"I’ve done it for years. It started off with my wife, Karen. Her nickname became ‘Care Bear,’ so that’s how it started," said MacIntyre, a pro since 2001 when he was selected in the fourth round, 121st overall, by Detroit out of the Sherbrooke Castors in the QMJHL.

HBO's cameras have started rolling.

“They (players) will have to live like I live, having you guys in my face all the time,” joked Carlyle. “It’s a challenge to get used to, but I don’t think it’s anything more. It’s not that drastic. It’s something we’re committed to.”

Carlyle was asked if the Leafs of all teams really need more coverage and whether the experience might help or hinder them in mid-season.

“Is there more distractions, more interference, more white noise?” Carlyle wondered. “You have to live it before you determine if it’s positive or negative.