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Avs fall to Stars 5-3

I was at the game and pretty distracted by the drunk guy sitting next to me, but I'll share what I can.

  • That megalajumbotron amazes me more and more each time I see it. Split screen and screen-in-screen replays while still showing live action? Yes please. You get replays of big hits, sweet saves, near misses, not just the goals or saves at TV timeouts.
  • The overall in-game experience is better, too. Most of it is the same, but new added features like a roaming camera during intermission are cool.
  • Pairing Hunwick and Barrie together was either Roy's idea of a cruel joke or a test to see if one, the other, or both could step up defensively. Whatever the reason, it set both of them up to fail miserably, and they did. Especially Hunwick. Two of the goals against were totally on him. I would not be shocked in the least if he was one of the next cuts.
  • Speaking of Hunwick, he had a huge hit late in the game right in front of us. Too little, too late, but it was awesome to see him step up the physicality.
  • Guenin and Holden were also paired together. Expect them to be cut. Guenin ain't making the roster, so why put Holden with him unless he's not as well?
  • Overall, the team looked a lot like last year's incarnation. Disjointed, lacking chemistry, players trying to do it all themselves. I'm hoping it's just an issue of needing to learn the systems and/or gelling together as new linemates and pairings.
  • Giguere was really rusty last night. Not sure if it's age or lack of use. He looked slow and out of position far too often. Both Duchene and Barrie had to bail him out on two shots in the same shift. And by bail him out, I mean playing goalie and stopping an open netter with their sticks.
  • Sami looked great coming in for relief, though. Man, he's fast. There were times out there he made Varly look slow. My fave part about Sami, though, is how much he talks to the team. He even directs them at times, telling them where he needs them to be.
  • O'Reilly's a really good hockey player, folks. He may be overpaid but, honestly, it's not by as much as we think. $6.5M salary but only a $5M cap hit. He's worth more than the 5, for sure. I think we can all stop bashing Mr. Character because he's going to be a big part of whatever success this team sees this season.
  • People look at you strange when you yell out, "YEAH BALLS!!"
  • I still don't like Malone, even if he did score another goal.
  • Roy's plan of getting guys used to banging around in the front of the net is working. I think all three goals last night were dirty scrub goals.
That's about all I've got. Please add comments in the notes if you were there or listened to Mose call it.