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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - September 4, 2013

No cakes, just cup. The FNG pinch-hits for Sandie.

Christian Petersen

Sandie has no power, so y'all get my views on the NHL this morning.

We'll start off with a journalist from Edmonton's madcap take on the Avs vs the Oilers young core comparison, including gems like:

Edmonton’s forward core may not have the same kind of two-way emphasis or depth at centre as the Avalanche, but in terms of scoring they’re likely better.

Hmm, sounds expensive and ineffective. Oh, and:

The Hockey News ranked Justin Schultz the second best prospect in the NHL, Oscar Klefbom the 37th-best, and Stefan Elliott the 70th-best (2011 11th overall pick Duncan Siemens and Tyson Barrie, who led the Avs with 21:34 TOI/game last year, failed to crack the top-75)

Yeah, they're totally on it.

Next up, an interesting back-and-forth between Nazem Kadri and Bob MacKenzie on the twitter concerning the contract status of the rising Leafs star. It started out with Uncle Bob saying:

Doesn't sound like TOR and RFAs Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson are even in the same ballpark on negotiations at this point.... Kadri believed to be looking long-term (6 yrs in Tavares stratosphere of $5.5M per). Leafs want short, 2 yrs at P.K. Subban $ ($2.875M per).

Kadri responded with:

": false bobo"

And Bobo retorted and retweeted with:

/Feel free to provide any details, Nazem, but I'm satisfied with info conveyed in my tweets today.


BTW, no one asked, but "Bobo's" personal take on where Kadri negotiations with TOR are likely headed: As long as TOR holds firm on wanting 2 yr bridge deal, Kadri has no leverage other than witholding services and hoping his absence impacts. Failing that, Kadri makes case for closer to Matt Duchene $ ($3.5M per) than P.K. Subban $ ($2.875M per). We'll see if TOR moves off that #.

Negotiating via social media always works. He knows they only have like $5 to sign him this year, right?

We close with a heartwarming article about older hockey players perhaps finding jobs (or maybe not) via Pro Try Out invites around the league this year.

But beyond cap space, the real issue: There are no jobs. Seven teams have less than 22 players on their projected roster, according to Cap Geek. The good news is that the Chicago Blackhawks, Carolina Hurricanes,Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, and Toronto Maple Leafs are among them; but in the latter two cases, they have RFAs left to sign. Factor in rookies on the rise, and an entire swath of veteran players are getting frozen out.

Thanks Gary?

That's all that's fit to print, have a super day!