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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - September 6th, 2013

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Evander Kane some salary garnished for unpaid fines.

"It’s just something that I guess I thought I had taken care of before," he said of fines for using an electronic device and driving without a valid license.

"It came a little bit by surprise but it’s rectified and taken care of now."

The province won a default judgment last week for $650 to cover the cost of the fines and penalties, the Winnipeg Free Press reported Thursday. Kane will earn a base salary of $4.5 million in 2013-14.

The fines were paid when the team learned of them last week.

Looks like Team Canada's Olympic jersey was leaked (pictures included)... and is similar to the United States one, but without the fake lace.

Was Team Canada's Olympic hockey jersey unintentionally revealed?

Jonathan Toews, a sure bet to wear the Maple Leaf in Sochi, was snapped Thursday wearing what could be the squad’s duds come February.

There are two clues that indicate the jersey is legit. It features the Nike logo, the company that also designed Team USA and Russia’s jerseys for the Olympics. There’s also a zig-zag pattern under the collar, which is also included in the U.S. and Russia designs.

And Cheryl is sharing her Cupcakes as well today.

Troy Schwab will. . .be attending training camp this month with the Denver Cutthroats’ AHL affiliate, the Lake Erie Monsters. "Going to AHL camp in Lake Erie is a great opportunity for me," exclaimed Schwab. "It’s great exposure for me, the Denver Cutthroats and the CHL. I’m looking to go to Cleveland, play well and who knows what will happen. It will also be a great way to kick start my year with the Fish!"

Cheryl's take: Troy (28) is a talented forward who spent the Cutthroats' first season on the league's top scoring line with AJ Gale (who got a PTO call up to the Monsters last season) and Brad Smyth (who recently retired and is now the team's assistant coach). Troy netted 81 points in only 66 games, the majority of which were assists. He's an amazing playmaker with crazy good vision and a deceptive pass. He's short but stocky (5'8"/190) and isn't afraid of the dirty areas of the ice. He definitely isn't an NHL talent, but, like Gale, he skates circles around the CHL competition. I think his transition to the AHL will be easier than Gales simply because it's camp vs. one morning skate and then in the fire. I'd miss watching him play here in Denver, but it would be great if Troy gets a shot with LEM. He can play both wing and center.