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Whose Line is it Monday?

Do you really want to work today? Or do you want to come by for a little hockey comedy? That's what I thought

Doug Pensinger

Welcome back to the Who's Line is it Monday where everything is made up and the recs don't matter.

If any of you are regulars at reddit's r/hockey then you likely already know how this works, as for the rest of you: enjoy. Since it's the start of a New Year here at MHH, I thought we'd try this for a week or two.  If people like it we'll make it a weekly feature and if not, less for us lazy staff writers to do.

The Rules:

  • New comments should sketch scenario, like: Things bigger than Bryzgalov's five-hole
  • People reply to the prompt with things like: the universe, Brad Marchand's nose, or Jamie McGinn
  • Sketches should be in the form of a statement, not a question
  • Be liberal with your recs, the comments with the most green will be featured at the top of next week's page.
Now, on to our winners from last week:

I still think it's too soon for this next one, but the recs tell another story:

Stealing this from r/hockey: Classes taught by Avs players

Mile High Hockey

Meow-valanche, Prrr-valanche