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GDT: Avalanche vs Devils 1/16/2014, game 47

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Good fucking evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the fucking Devils of New Jersey tonight at the fucking Pepsi Center.

***NEWS FLASH*** This organization has a lot of fucking injuries right now. The Avs have 4 fucking guys on Injured Reserve, 1 that might be heading that way, 1 fucking guy that's day-to-not-today, and 2 fucking guys that come back to the lineup after missing time with fucking back injuries. Then there's Lake Erie with 9 fucking guys in various states of disrepair, including the fucking Captain who is done for the fucking season. Good times!

Here are the fucking lines for tonight:

Radar - Dutch - Fatso

Landy - Mack - Malkin

McLeod - Cliché - Talbot

Bordy & Malone


Hejda - EJ

Holden - Balls

Wilson - Barrie

Stollery (sometimes)

Varly starts with JSG manning the fucking door.

* * * * *

Tonight's fucking quiz is a fucking toughie:

Who was the fucking Head Coach of the fucking Colorado Rockies in their most glorious fucking season, 1977-78, when they racked up a fucking 19-40-21 record (that's not a fucking typo either) and made the fucking Stanley Cup playoffs?

First fucking poster to get the right fucking answer wins a fucking specially equipped 1968 Ford Falcon. Bonne putain chance!