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Quote of the Night

I'm bringin' it back, y'all.

Somebody say something witty?  Prescient?  Mind-blowing?  Did anybody recap a mini-golf experience in such detail that it enhanced your game-time experience?  Landy have a hilarious tweet prior to/immediately after the game? McNabb get called a penis again?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're qualified to participate in Quote of the Night.  We did this in the way-back and then I got busy and nobody else picked it up.  It's pretty simple, just like most of my ideas:

  1. If you read something in one of the Game Day Threads (GDT's) that you like...
  2. Rec it.

That's it.  I'll tally the recs, pass an arbitrary judgement on the results, and post the Quote of the Night in the Recap or Recap Comments.

This only works if you guys participate in the GDT's and get to clickin'.  It won't be an every night deal, cuz I have a life, but between it and the "Ballers and Shot Callers" posts, it can be a fun addition to the site.  And that's the keyword: FUN.  Remember, 7 Games until the Olympic Break.

Also, if somebody want's to work up a better image (preferably smaller for easier insertion into comments), have at it.