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Game 52 Quote of the Night: Flipping goalies?

What a bunch of maroons!

Tom Pennington

Mike's under attack from his offspring, who is engaging in biological warfare (or so I've been told). So I'm taking on Quote of the Night duties.

Comment Leaders

(#1 won't surprise anyone):

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1 Americanario 133
2 FrostyBear21 113
3 SteveHouse 94
4 Stachi 92
5 niwotsblessing 90

Most recommended comments

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1. You have to understand context, here. At the close of regulation, faydout celebrated the victory with this gif:


SteveHouse received all sorts of green for this response:


2. This gif showed up twice in the thread, but Cole was the first to bust it out. Someone save this please.

Quote of the Night

From c6hors

Is it coincidence that the dinner I was cooking just HAPPENED TO BE DONE when McGinn scored?