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Quote of the Night: Mild Edition

Anything but...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the rundown from last night's epic almost-choke:

Rank Member Number of Comments
1 Americanario 115
2 FrostyBear21 111
3 SteveHouse 99
4 Cole D Hamilton 72
5 Andi D. 63

And the top comment went to David Hooper with this gem after the Wild made a goalie change:

Most boring goalie change ever.

Not exactly The Aristocrats, but still funny in context.

Also hilarious and popular was when Stevehouse posted a screencap of when McGinn freight-trained Prosser and the Avs bench went full on Monkey Giggles:


I don't care who your, that's pretty funny right there.  I'm surprised shit wasn't thrown.