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Whose Line is it Monday?

Some hockey improv shenanigans to start your week.

Victor Decolongon

Welcome to the Who's Line is it Monday where everything is made up and the recs don't matter.

If any of you are regulars at reddit's r/hockey then you likely already know how this works, as for the rest of you: enjoy. Since it's the start of a New Year here at MHH, I thought we'd try this for a week or two.  If people like it we'll make it a weekly feature and if not, less for us lazy staff writers to do.

The Rules:

  • New comments should sketch scenario, like: Things bigger than Bryzgalov's five-hole
  • People reply to the prompt with things like: the universe, Brad Marchand's nose, or Jamie McGinn
  • Sketches should be in the form of a statement, not a question
  • Be liberal with your recs, the comments with the most green will be featured at the top of next week's page.