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Quote of the Night: Preseason Clutter

Just for shits and content, here's the breakdown for last night's not-legally-televised-yet-somehow-watched game against the fLames.

33 of you hosers held down the fort last night to the tune of 327 comments. Not exactly regular season form, but then again, Briere was on the top line and Siemens was on the bottom pair so not exactly a marquee showing by Colorado.

Chatty Cathy Awards go to:

1 Andy_ 62
2 earl06 42
3 Hopfenkopf 32

Funny Sumbitch Award goes to Hopfenkopf with the following exchanges:

siouxavs:I think maybe Wilson has been possessed by the spirit of Shane O’Brien

Andy_: All the women stare at him when he stretches?

Gurthang: When he stretches what?

Andy_: Yeah, I have to admit that I'm not sure.

Hopfenkopf: The truth? The definition of NHL defenseman?

as well as:

Cole D Hamilton: Hell yeah Berra.  That was quite the save.

Hopfenkopf: I'm starting to like what I'm reading.

Pinchy The Lobster: What are you reading?

Hopfenkopf: The articles.  I swear to God, I only read it for the articles.