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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL October 10th, 2014

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Copper and Blue talks Avs. Petry for Ryan O'Reilly...?!

Do I think a Ryan O'Reilly trade is going to happen? I'd put the odds at about 1.3% (with a margin for error of 1.2%)...In other words...No.

But I think that fact is actually just illustrating my primary point. Unless a highly unlikely scenario such as the O'Reilly example above presents itself to Craig MacTavish, its going to be next-to-impossible to get fair value for Jeff Petry in any kind of deal to add to the team's centre depth.

MHH was highlighted as a good Avs blog.

With MHH, you get regular and in-depth coverage of not just the Avs but their affiliates (mainly the Lake Erie Monsters) and prospects. Fans get team and player analysis, game-day coverage that includes previews, live threads and recaps.

The blog also does a weekly podcast that features not just the staff at MHH but prominent figures in the hockey and Avs communities.

"We also schedule in-person Meet Ups in the Denver area throughout the season," editor Cheryl Bradley said. "Watch parties, draft parties, pregame meet and greets. And this season we’re adding weekly features on the NHL in general – fantasy hockey and advanced stats."

Sports Illustrated Kids has a feature on MacKinnon.

Conventional NHL wisdom states that the Stanley Cup playoffs are a trial by fire, a test only the most grizzled veteran is prepared to face. But last season, it was Colorado's Nathan MacKinnon, an 18-year-old rookie phenom, who brought the heat.

In the Avalanche's first-round series against the Minnesota Wild, MacKinnon posted 10 points (two goals, eight assists) over seven games. The real story, though, is inside the numbers. In the series opener, MacKinnon set up the tying goal with only 14 seconds left in regulation, then set up the winner in overtime. In Game 2's 4-2 Avalanche win, he figured in on all four Avalanche goals, assisting on three and scoring one himself. And in Game 5, he netted the overtime winner to give Colorado a 3-2 series lead.