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Saturday Night Pick 'Em - I Can't Believe We're Doing This Again Edition

I don't want to ask this question again but you've forced my hand Avalanche. Who scores the first goal of the Colorado Avalanche's 2014-2015 season?

Flyyyy like an eagle
Flyyyy like an eagle
Joel Auerbach

Sometimes scoring goals is hard.

Sometimes scoring goals is easy!

(Don't watch #3 ok?)

Sometimes other teams even help you score your goals!

But no matter how its done, scoring goals is always fun


One way or another the Avalanche are going to score their first goal of the season, and that means its our job to predict who does it!  All you past predictions, prophecies, and prognostications are null and void! The world has changed and in this new and alternate 0-1 Avalanche dimension we now exist in, all your logic, all your hard work in crafting the perfect prediction for Thursday night is WORTHLESS! So do it again.

Predict the goal scorer and the time they score for the tiebreaker.

Matt Duchene - 12:35 1st Period