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GDT: Avalanche vs Wilds 10/11/2014, Game 2

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Wilds of Minnesota tonight for the home opener of the season at the Pepsi Center.

The game will be broadcast on Altitude at 9:00pm in the ET, 7:00 lima. Moser's radio call can be found on the Avs site or on free versions of GCL.

Thursday night's travesty was unfortunately predictable, as was the Avs play against a team that there seems to be some sort of mental block against. Well, Coach Roy got out Dean Chynoweth's line blender and revved it up to full on "crush ice" setting for tonight's lines. Check 'em out:

Projectile lineup:


Landy - Radar - Everberg

Fatso - Dutch - Iggy

Tangs - Mack - Danny B

Cody - Cliche - Max


Holden? - EJ

Hejda? - Barrie

Stu - Willy




Scratches: Winch (d2d), Guenin, Redmond (nacho)

Injured: Malkin, Bordy

This is pretty much a yolo setup, it might be the magic bullet, it might be horrible, but it was going to be horrible anyway so at least this will be interesting. Nobody seems to have developed any chemistry yet this year so that won't be a factor.

* * * * *

As this article is being posted the Monsters are probably about to head into the 2nd period at their home opener in Cleveland. If you're bored, flip on ol' 850 WKNR and check out the youngsters for a spell.