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GDT: Avalanche at Bruins 10/13/2014, Game 3


Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Bruins of Boston in the Hub today. I'd like to personally thank the NHL for finally letting us play another team.

Today's game shall be broadcast on Altitude and GCL starting at 1pm in the ET, 11am in the MT. Radio call from Mose can be accessed from the Avs site, GCL (for free!) and probably on some terrestrial radio station I'm not familiar with.

Smooth Johnny Mitchell is traveling with the club and seemed hopeful that he would play in a game or two on the trip. Catch the interview from the Avs site here. Seems that he's a bit farther along than former Colgate University standout Jesse Winchester so we might see Winch go to IR when Malkin is activated.

As far as I can tell the lines are supposed  to be the same as last game, which is somewhat misleading because Everberg barely played and Briere was in the Top-6 a bunch and there was general mix-and-match everywhere, especially on D with the ejection of EJ in the 2nd period. Reports are that Berra will get his first start of the year in net. Here's the party line:

Projectile lineup:


Fatso - Dutch - Iggy

Landy - Radar - Everberg

Tangs - Mack - Danny B

Cody - Cliche - Max


Holden - EJ

Hejda - Barrie

Wilson - Stuart




Scratches: Winch (d2d), Guenin, Redmond (nacho)

Injured: Malkin, Bordy

* * * * *

Celebrate Columbus Day by pretending to work while watching a good, clean hockey game for the afternoon!