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Quote of the Night: Toronto Make-me-cry

They dangled hope in front of you all night and snatched it away in OT.


818 comments from 64 comment 'taters.  Top 5 Blowhards from last night's tilt were:

# Commenter # Comments

1 SteveHouse 97
2 niwotsblessing 84
3 Randy Time 73
4 amit916 58
5 Andi D. 49

That's a lot of comments SteveHouse.  Do you even watch the game?

SteveHouse also got the most recs for a salty Arrested Development image, followed by poink for introducing us all to future truculent Maple Leaf and current Capital Liam O`Brien.  But the best bit of Uncomfortable Original Comedy goes to niwotsblessing teeing up a beachball in the wheelhouse for stmk in this exchange:

niwotsblessing: Fucking ref blows the play dead when the puck is floating around the crease- imbecile.

Randy Time: Is it Peel?  If it were in the Avs zone he'd be telling the goalie to play it.

niwotsblessing: It's all about the A.

stmk: Hey that's what I'm trying to tell my girlfriend...

Let us know how that works out for you, stmk.

Bonus QotN Story from my last Sunday rec league game: Randy's thinly-veiled zebra hatespeak reminded me of what happened in my game on Sunday.  We finally played a team that was of equivalent skill and not a bunch of former junior players sandbagging two divisions below their level.  Unfortunately, it was also a team that has a rep for goonery and all-purpose douchebaggery.  One of the two hotheads on the team laid out one of my forwards on a hit that would have been called boarding in a CHECKING league, much less a hit in a non-check, adult, lower division, rec league in OKC.  The ref immediately threw the guy out of the game, but when the bench erupted in protests, allowed himself to get talked down to a 10-minute major.  Later, an opposing forward gets dumped across my crease and takes my arm and stick down to the right.  I let go of the stick to stay in the play.  The forward picks himself up and spends the next 2-3 minutes trying to push my stick over into the near corner.  Fortunately, his stick handling matched his skating ability and he only resulted in tangling in up in the side of the net.  I was able to retrieve it as we iced the puck.

Just before the ensuing face-off, one of my forward inquired as to how that wasn't called for a penalty, to which the ref from earlier replied "I don't think there's a penalty for that." (Rule 625, a.6, but whatever).  My forward (who has a son that plays goalie for travel hockey) was, shall we say, incredulous following that comment.  He voiced his displeasure.  Not long after that, a long shot from the neutral zone ended up on net and my D was a little lazy coming back and appeared to have "checked out" mentally as he approached the crease.  He had an attacking player about three strides back so when my d-man ceased his higher brain functions, I covered it and got the whistle.  As we're setting up for the face-off, the back ref (responsible for the stuff discussed above, comes flying into the zone and drops this gem: "If you fucking do that again without pressure, I'll call you for a delay of game." while giving me the old Al Pacino two-finger jab.  Thank god this league is free.