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Game 5 Preview: Colorado Avalanche at Ottawa Senators

Lets see if the boys can bring it all together tonight, shall we?

Awww, who couldn't love that face??
Awww, who couldn't love that face??
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Ottawa, boys! Home of the Legionaries!  Er, whatever they are.  Logo displays a distinct lack of togas and maroon highlights.

This will be the home opener of Ottawa, so the Avs are going to have to deal with some boisterous fans.  There are apparently going to be some fun pre-game activities... not like raising a Conference Champion banner or anything.  The Sens went 37-31-14 last year, missing the playoffs by a handful of points, but hope to push it this year.  Starting out 2-1-0 and shutting out the Panthers last game, I guess they are on their way, but I'd like very much to hand them another loss to even them out.

I wasn't even aware that the Sens had signed Bobby Ryan to a fat contract until this moment...  I love it when I see the number of years go off of the side of Capgeek's chart.  Ryan hasn't scored yet this year, but he has a point, and will definitely be looking to turn it on pretty soon and prove he's worth all that cash.  Most of the damage this year has been done by Ottawa's top line of Clarke MacArthur, Kyle Turris, and Mark Stone.  That line has combined for 6 points in the first three games, so I'd love to see us stand up defensively to them.  Really, I would like, totally love that.  Also, we are gonna be facing some supposedly decent goalie named Craig Anderson.  I don't know anything about him.  Nope, not at all.

Oh my god, their mascot is called Spartacat.  Which I almost like, until I saw what it looks like.  Its worse than Bernie.  I doubt Kirk Douglas would approve, and I have to stop myself from putting on a lecturing tone and drone on with my spotty knowledge about the Roman Republic enslavement of Thracian warriors or else people will start burning their computers.

The Avs came up short last game against the Leaves.  Honestly I didn't see the game, but Cole's recap was very helpful.  The Swedish Sandwich line?  I had to look that up on the shift charts because apparently my brain is no longer working.  I'm going to assume that the lines are going to stay intact, and go from there.

Well guys, we know how things are looking.  Going from being completely outplayed, to looking a little better, to not-so-good again, to moments of greatness.  Really what I want is to find a moment to bring it all together.  We are so much better than we have been playing.  But the flashes are there, folks.  The first part of the last game (that I didn't see).  Duchene getting back to himself.  Iggy getting more comfy.  Things are happening out there.  I'm just waiting for the team that I spent all last year cheering for to take the ice.  I have a good feeling about tonight.

Lines (maybe..):

Iggy - Dutchie - McGinnAgain

Landy - Radar - Everberg

Tangs - MacK - Briere

McLeod - Cliche - Talbot

Johnson - Hejda

Holden - Barrie

Stuart - Guenin

Hopes for tonight's match:

- Puck control:  Lets try to keep control of that puck, guys.  Be sure to pass cleanly, keep your stick on it, clear the puck when you have the chance.  Maintain control, and we will rock this game.


- Dat D... I know we have to overcome obstacles, but we have got to find some defensive grit somewhere.  Maybe it really is time to give Redmond a shot, just to see what the dude has.

Game Info:

Colorado Avalanche at Ottawa Senators

Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

5:30pm MST, 7:30pm EST

Shown on Altitude, RDS2, TSN5


Apparently Semyon Varlamov is headed to the IR (verified per Avalanche website).  He will be joined there by Jesse Winchester (Source: Chambers).  Ryan Wilson has been cleared to play (gotta admit, I was worried about his noggin).  Johnny Mitch is back for sure. 

The rule on NHL IR is that the player cannot participate again for at least seven days following the injury, so we will have a week of a young'un for sure.  Who will it be?  Pickard?  Will?  Sami?  Let the discussion begin!