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MHH's 2014-15 Avalanche Season Analysis: Part 9 - Performance Predictions

Time to get down to the nitty gritty and make some predictions!

Doug Pensinger

Which players will be the Avalanche's leading scorer, lowest scorer, top defenseman, top penalty-taker, and overall game-changer?


  • Leading Scorer: MacKinnon 84 points
  • Lowest Scorer: Forward (McLeod), Defense (Hejda)
  • Top D: Johnson for play, Barrie for points.
  • PIMs: McLeod
  • Game-changer: Iginla.  I think he makes this team a force in what he brings.  MacKinnon will still dominate every game, but I think the Avs’ "game" changes with Iginla on the team.

  • Scorer Matt Duchene
  • Lowest Bordy obviously
  • Top D Barrie. I WANT TO BELIEVE
  • Pims: ignoring fights, Briere seems like a good bet to lead the team in minors.
  • Game changer Reto Berra. No. Let's go landeskog

  • Leading Scorer: MacKinnon
  • Lowest Scorer: Brad Stuart
  • Top D: EJ
  • PIMs: McLeod
  • Game-changer: MacKinnon

  • Leading Scorer:  MacKinnon, 30 G / 45 A /  75 Pts
  • Lowest Scorer:  (of 50+ GP)  Stuart, 3G / 15 A / 18 pts
  • Top D:  Barrie, 15 G / 30 A / 45 Pts
  • PIMs:  Cody McLeod's Fists of Anger, 125 PIM
  • Game-changer:  MacKinnon/Duchene for forwards, Johnson on defense, and Varly of course. Again.

  • Leading Scorer:  Nathan MacKinnon:  Between his natural goal scoring abilities, and the points he's going to pick up from Iginla and Landeskog (yea yea, I'm making that assumption), I think he's going to edge Duchene out in points.
  • Lowest Scorer:  Patrick Bordeleau:  When he comes back to play, his spot will be usurped by someone who's hungry, and any time that Bordy will actually get to play will be spent on the bench, or the penalty box, and not in the crease.
  • Top D:  Erik Johnson:  With a constant, defensively responsible partner, Johnson will be able to score on one end and be able to help out in the back end.  He's easily my number one D on the team, and I think that he'll live up to it.
  • PIMs:  Cody McLeod:  Between trying to live up to his perceived role, and some frustration that I think he's going to feel this year, he'll get plenty of penalty minutes, both major and minor.
  • Game-Changer:  Jarome Iginla:  He's going to really be the spark that makes our offense come alive.  The things he will be able to teach those kids, as well as the production he can put up on the ice, is going to be awesome.

  • Leading Scorer – Matt Duchene
  • Lowest Scorer – Ryan Wilson
  • Top D – Erik Johnson
  • PIMs – Cody McLeod
  • Game-changer – Nathan MacKinnon

  • Top scorer: Duchene
  • Low scorer: Cliche
  • PIMs: Not Bordy
  • Game changer: EJ

  • Leading Scorer: Matt Duchene for total points, Gabe Landeskog for goals.
  • Lowest Scorer: Marc Andre Cliche
  • Top D: Erik Johnson
  • PIMs: Cody McLeod
  • Game-changer: Semyon Varlamov
  • Leading Scorer Duchene
  • Lowest Scorer Stuart
  • Top D Johnson
  • PIMs McLeod
  • Game-changer MacK

  • Leading Scorer: Matt Duchene
  • Lowest Scorer: Cliche
  • Top D: Johnson
  • PIMs: McLeod
  • Game-changer: Iginla

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