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GDT: Avalanche vs Kings in the Springs 10/2/2014, Pre-season Game 7

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Stanley Cup Champion Kings of Los Angeles tonight in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I lied to you, dear reader, in the last GDT about there being no video feeds available. Obviously there were, I blame some idiot Flames fans, but I do apologize for the oversight. There really doesn't appear to be any video available for this one unless the Kings feel the need to drag hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment over the continental divide and provide the internet with hockey goodness. I'm not counting on it. Radio available from the Avs in Colorado only as usual and the rest of us may enjoy the Kings fine announcers.

As told by Coach Roy yesterday, here's how it looks tonight:


ROR - Dutch - Tangs

Landy - Mack - Briere

McLeod - Cliche - Talbot

Everberg - Aggz - Rendulicious


Stuart - Johnson

Hejda - Barrie

Holden - Guenin




Iginla, Wilson and Redmond on the roster but not scheduled to play

* * * * *

Next up: Frozen Fury vs the Kings in Las Vegas on Saturday night. NHLN covering the game on video.