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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL October 20th, 2014

Bruce Bennett

Brodeur in Colorado?

One name that has been bandied about in recent days is that of Martin Brodeur, the very man who has shattered every single one of Roy's career records. He is the NHL's all-time leader in regular season wins - surpassing Roy in 2009 - losses, shutouts, and games played, along with a variety of league and New Jersey Devils records, according to Yahoo!

"Not right now," said Roy, per the Denver Post's Mike Chambers, when asked if he or the team were planning on making a move, according to NBC.

"Is it something that could change? Everything is possible, but I'd be very surprised. The injury to Varly is not serious enough for us to panic, and same thing on Reto. Reto is day-to-day. We want to see our young guys. We have to give them a chance."

The match of Brodeur and Colorado doesn't exactly pass the smell test - Brodeur and Avalanche goalie coach, Francois Allaire, don't see eye to eye stylistically and have something of a complicated history. Colorado gives up a lot of shots on a night-to-night basis and Brodeur is most comfortable playing behind a strong, shot blocking defense

Apparently the Avs have said no to Brodeur, and also to Bryz.

Colorado’s reported rejection of Bryzgalov might have less to do with him and more to do with the team’s overall circumstances though. The possibility of signing free agent goaltender Martin Brodeur was also shot down, in part because the Avalanche don’t view Varlamov and Berra’s injuries as serious enough to warrant bringing in a veteran.

After winning the Central Division last season, Colorado is off to a 1-4-1 start in 2014-15.

The Ottawa Sun has confirmed Rick Pracey no longer being of the Avalanche organization.

Odd timing but the Avalanche quietly thanked director of amateur scouting Rick Pracey for his service last week. He has a strong drafting record, but scouts say he has been on the hotseat for awhile. The Avs sent out a notice to all 29 teams last week saying Pracey is no longer with them and is available for hire ...