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GDT: Avalanche vs Panthers 10/21/2014, Game 7

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Panthers of Florida tonight back home finally at the Pepsi Center. Game time is 9:00pm in the ET, 7:00pm local and will be seen on Altitude and GCL, Moser's radio feed is available from the Avs' site of course.

Yogi Berra makes his return to the lineup tonight from a neck stinger suffered against the 'Nats last week. The plan is for Varly to come off IR for Friday's contest with the Nucks. Sami Aittokallio remains on the roster for now in case something (else) horrifying happens in warm-ups but he should be back in Cleveland tomorrow. Picks should follow when Varly comes off IR.

Ryan Wilson puts Nate Guenin out of our misery for a night at least, returning from a puck in the face sometime a while back. Zach Redmond will of course be MIA.

In lieu of doing something smart with extra roster space, the Avs will let it lie fallow in the hopes that Jesse Winchester somehow gets over a multi-week concussion like it's on a fucking train schedule or something. If someone gets hurt in warmups, fuck it, just play someone out of position or whatever. Who cares, right? Plenty of other games this year...

Projectile Lineup:


Tangs - Dutch - Iggy

Landy - ROR - Mack

Fatso - Malkin - Danny B

Cody - Cliche - Max


Holden - EJ

Hejda - Barrie

Willie - Stu




Scratch: Sami, Guenin, Redmond (nacho)

Injured: Winch, Varly, Bordy

* * * * *