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Game 9 Preview: Avalanche at Jets

Coming off of an awesome win, the Avs visit the Jets and attempt to gain another pair of points!

Ehhhh, this guy!!!
Ehhhh, this guy!!!
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Good weekend morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to a non-Bronco Sunday, where hopefully some significant segment of the Denver population will be focusing on hockey this fine day!  The Avs are visiting the Great White North today (I somehow assume its already white, even tho its slated to be 58 degrees there today) for a daytime tilt.  This would normally be the time where I talk about how the mighty Avs are going to crush their lowly opponent, but its kinda hard to make that case at this moment.

I mean, check out them there standings.  wat.  Talk about a difference from last year.  Granted that I truly believe we are a far superior team to Winnipeg, but it isn't showing in our records right now.  Adding together their 4 points and our 6 points, we would still be shy of Nashville's 12 points to lead the division.  Super fun, boys.  On the plus side, that win against Vancouver was pretty darn convincing, even tho we played against a backup goalie on a team that was on the second half of a back-to-back.  This game should give us a little more to go on.  Lets see if  the Avs play "down" to the opponent's level (meaning the way we played in the first few games), or if we play like we did on Friday.

The Winnipegers are coming off a 4-2 loss to Tampa Bay.  The Jets didn't look great in that game... well, they didn't look good in the box score and highlights.  They failed to convert on a 1:19 minute 5-on-3, and they went 1 for 6 on their PP opportunities.  That being said, they do have some pretty nice stats lurking around their team.  They have the 4th best PK in the league at 90%.  They are 7th in shots allowed against them per game with 27.1 (Can we start the over/under here?  I'll take The Over for $100 please, Alex).  FYI, they aren't stopping those shots getting thru by blocking them, because they sit 22nd in the league in blocked shots with only 12 per game.  So they have some stoutness to them, somewhere... it just doesn't seem to be on the score sheet (1.86 goals per game).

The Avs, meanwhile, seem to have had a moment where it all came together.  I gotta gush about that last win for a minute, because, frankly, I needed to see that from this team right now.  3 players with 3 point games, 14 players with at least 1 point, and only 29 shots allowed on Varly.  The Avs threw rubber at Eddie Lack 48 times, and most importantly to me, they didn't let off the throttle all game.  They played like the Avs are supposed to.  They played to their strengths.  Keep this shizz up, and we will be going places.


I assume we are going to stick with the same lines as last game; they seemed to work pretty damn well.  Redmond and Varly have both been confirmed for Sunday, but Jesse Winchester, while close to returning, is not on the trip:

Tanguay - Duchene - Iginla

Landeskog - O'Reilly - MacKinnon

McGinn - Mitchell - Talbot

McLeod - Briere - Cliche

Hejda - Johnson

Stuart - Barrie

Redmond - Holden

Varlamov / Berra

Game Notes:

- This will be Zach Redmond's first game against his former team.  I hope he scores a ton.

- Our old friend T.J. Galiardi is playing for the Jets these days.  Who knew?

- Colorado's PK is sitting at 6th with 87.1%, which is honestly better than I had expected.

- I mentioned the Jet's goals per game average... well, sheepishly.... before the Av's domination on Friday, we were sitting at 1.57 GPG.  So... yeah...


Avalanche:  2-4-2, 13th in the Western Conference

Jets:  2-5-0, 14th in the Western Conference

Game Info

Sunday, October 26, 1pm MST

MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Altitude, TSN3, AM 950