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MHH's 2014-15 Avalanche Season Analysis: Part 10 - Final Standings

Our predictions for last season were (happily) way off the mark. How might we do this year?

Doug Pensinger

What will be the Avalanche's final season record in points, standings and playoffs?


  • Final Regular Season Points: 106
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 2nd in the Central
  • Playoff Performance (make it/not make it; how far): Conference Finals
  • Final Regular Season Points: 96
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 8th
  • Playoff Performance (make it/not make it; how far) Make it, first round exit in 6
94 points. In the playoffs as one of the wild cards, because lol western Canada teams, and out in the first round again. And honestly, I'd be really happy with that. I would not be surprised with a finish as low as conference 10, but, I think a 7/8 fight with Minnesota is in order. Here let's just, central:
1. Chi
2/3. Dal/stl
4/5. Min/col.
Our division could be easily the best in hockey this year, we got group of death'd. Thank goodness for the wild card thing.

  • Final Regular Season Points: 98
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 4th in Central
  • Playoff Performance (make it/not make it; how far): Make playoffs, win first round series if against STL or MIN, lose against CHI in either first or second round.
  • Final Regular Season Points:  100 pts
  • Final Regular Season Standings:  7th in the West, 4th in the Central
  • Playoff Performance (make it/not make it; how far):  Make it as a wild card, lose in 2nd round
  • Final Regular Season Points:  103
  • Final Regular Season Standing:  5th in the West, just behind Chicago
  • Playoff Performance:  Yes, we will make it, and exit in the Conference Finals
  • Final Regular Season Points: 100 points
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 3rd in the Central
  • Playoff Performance (make it/not make it; how far): 1st round loss
105 points, 2nd in Central. Win 1st round in 5 against the Wilds, take Chcago to 7 in the 2nd and maybe even win.

  • Final Regular Season Points: 97
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 7th in the West
  • Playoff Performance: 1st round playoff loss
  • Final Regular Season Points: 99
  • Final Regular Season Standings: 5th in the West; 3rd in Central
  • Playoff Performance: 2nd round, lose in 7