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Quote of the Night: Halloween Eve Terrors

You should all be ashamed...

Well, that was the first fun game of the season.  Yeah, even more fun than the Vancouver curbstomp, IMO.

So we had 731 comments from 40 somewhat unique users in the thread last night. Our semi-nightly rundown of Verbose Posters is thus:

# Commenter # Comments

1 Americanario 115
2 SteveHouse 90
3 Andi D. 66
4 Randy Time 55
5 Cole D Hamilton 52

Glad to see that Canary represent for the community whilst hanging out with all the staff. Fun game to watch but a somewhat solemn thread as the number of recs was paltry.  Like, stingy only-giving-out-one-piece-of-candy-to-trick-or-treaters level of restraint last night.

However, despite being up early, Cole D Hamilton found things to dislike to the point of self-face-punching, but couldn't resist the undeniable charm of hot dog dancing Talbot.

But then things took a turn for the horrific thanks to Americanario.  Click at your own risk.

Hey, you were warned.  Given that shock to the system, maybe it's no wonder nobody tossed out recs...