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MHH Podcast Episode 3: Kill Him With Corsi!

SteveHouse goes long with Andi Duroux, Cole D. Hamilton, and Mike @ MHH about the upcoming season.

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"I think they're talking about us. Don't look!!"
"I think they're talking about us. Don't look!!"
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the podcast on its new day! We're going to release more reliably on Monday mornings now. This one definitely went the distance.

Unfortunately due to upload constraints this episode is now only available for streaming via Mixcloud.

Intro & Ductions - 0:00
Rundown - 1:04
Defense - 2:40
Oh yeah we were doing a rundown - 21:48
Forwards - 31:35
Goaltenders - 47:06
The "R" Word - 53:53
Stuart/McLeod Extensions - 1:11:58
Predictions - 1:19:51

You can find any of the stats cited at (soon to be Puckalytics),, or

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