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Welcome to MHH's 2014-2015 Season

A quick look at Mile High Hockey for new visitors or people who need a quick reminder on where to click.

Welcome to Mile High Hockey's 2014-2015 season coverage.  Whether you're new to the site or an MHH regular we wanted to give readers a quick reminder about site layout, so that you can find whatever content and coverage best appeals to you!

Front Page

Your hub for all things Mile High Hockey, this is your first stop for Avs talk.  Here you'll find all the most recent articles of the day as well as any trades, signings, injuries, or other important items in the Breaking News banner on the top of the page.  Don't forget there are a number of other useful tools on the front page. Check out MHH FanPosts and FanShots (or even better, write your own) and don't forget the search bar on the right side if you need to find an MHH post from days-of-yore.  If you find or write a Fanpost that you think could use a little more press, let us know and we'll promote it to the front page. You'll find links to major coverage areas, as well as to the full archive, under the "Sections" menu at the top.

Game Coverage

On game days at MHH you can expect three articles covering the day's festivities.  A Game Day Preview in the morning, a live open thread during the game, and a Recap between thirty minutes and an hour after the final buzzer.

Nicknames and MHH Memes

If you're new to MHH and exploring the comments, you may find yourself wondering "What in Roy's name is a Lawinengefahr and what does it have to do with hockey?"  Fear not! We've compiled a solid, albeit not comprehensive, list of popular MHH Nicknames and Memes to help you navigate the comments section more effectively.


We're currently in the process of revamping our site guidelines, but here's a look at the old list.  If you have questions or concerns, we've got a place for that too.


At MHH we strive to provide the best online community for Avalanche fans. Here's a look at our official Masthead for the start of the 2014-2015 season.

Avalanche Hockey is just a short 24 hours away so read, comment, contribute and lets make this MHH's best season yet. Go Avs.