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Thursday Night Pick 'Em - Avs 1st Goal

Who's gonna get things started for your Colorado Avalanche this season?

Why is Darcy Tucker falling down in this picture? Because some stats are silly. You'll see
Why is Darcy Tucker falling down in this picture? Because some stats are silly. You'll see
Jeff Gross

Max Paciorrety kicked off the NHL season last night with this sweet little number against the Toronto Maple Leafs:

That's all well and good, but now it's time to out our cards balls on the table and predict the first scorer for the only hockey team that matters, the Colorado Avalanche.  So here's the game folks, predict the Avalanche's first goal scorer of the 2014-2015 season, and for a tiebreaker, tell us which period they score in and how many minutes into the period it happens. Got it? Good. You'll win all kinds of, uhhh internet pride I guess.

If you're having a hard time making your decision, let history be your guide...


Ryan O`Reilly (unassisted)

Analysis: Still on the team, still capable of scoring. This would be an acceptable pick.


John Mitchell from Steve Downie and Milan Hejduk

Analysis: While John Mitchell is still a member of the Avalanche, he will not play tonight and neither will those assist-men. This is an ill-advised pick.


Milan Hejduk from Jan Hejda and Matt Duchene

Wait what? Thats not a Hejduk goal? Thats right folks, the Avs opened that season without scoring a goal in game one. If you predict this option you will be banned. Here's the goal from game two:

Seriously Duke, what a deke.

Analysis: Hejduk is retired so this is a bad pick. Also if you're picking a shutout, you will be banned. Did we say that already?


Darcy Tucker from John-Michael Liles and T.J. Galiardi

NHL doesn't even have a highlight for this one which means none of us have to acknowledge that Darcy Tucker was in fact an Avs forward.

Analysis: Don't even get me started

So maybe history isn't the best indicator here, unless everyone wants to pick Ryan O'Reilly.  Make your picks in the comments below before puck drop (or after I guess since there's no real prize).

For me?

Jarome Iginla

6:12 into the 1st Period

Book it