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Game 17 Recap: Veteran's Day Massacre. Avs fall 6-0.

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Avs get absolutely dominated in a game reminiscent of the feared St. Valentine's Day Massacre a few years ago.

Bruce Bennett

Game 17 Recap “Veteran’s Day Massacre”

I am going to skip introductions tonight.

Except, let me say that I am excited to recap another game of the Avs new defense. I did not get to see the Philly game live, but I did on a replay. I liked what I saw, more than I think a lot of people. Without further ado:

Hold on, a little more ado. I am watching the Islanders feed and the Fischler piece of shit needs to be run over by a bus. He has beef with Roy, evidently, and can’t let it go. Perhaps he should, you know, grow up or something? Fucking moron.

Period 1:

TANGENT 1: Okay, that anthem was pretty cool. Unexpectedly so.

On the first shift, after a broken 2 on 1 for the Islander, Duchene found the puck in neutral zone with speed. Sped around Leddy, pull the puck back in his patented move, and beat Halak, but hit the crossbar.

But the Islanders came right back and beat Varly. Leddy found the puck on the blue line that was bouncing. He managed to stop it, fake a shot, and put a low wrist shot that beat Varly before Varly could move to his right to get it. That’s a lot of Varly. 1-0 Islanders.

The 4th line came out a shift later and managed to get some zonetime. Eventually the Avs got Duchene and Barrie out and Barrie was moving all around the ice. After some nice movement, Barrie got off tow shots but no rebounds.

And mother fucker. The Avs got called for too many men on the ice. Or elbowing? I am not sure. No one knows. Not even God.

PK1: The Islanders second unit had a great chance as the cross-crease feed snuck through. However on the following play, Varly fucked up. A weird carom off a dump in came right in front of Varly. Varly tried to knock it to his defenseman who skated by it and Anders Lee came right back and put it past Varly. 2-0 Islanders.

Wait what? And now the Avs are back on the penalty kill?

PK2: The Islanders had some great movement and spent the entire time n the Avs zone. The scariest chances came when Talbot sent a clear but it was knocked down at the blue line.

Johnson then found the puck in his zone and started his own breakout. Johnson chipped the puck around Tavares in the neutral zone who stuck his leg out to trip Johnson.

PP1: The first unit had some good movement but only had two chances. Landeskog’s bad pass was cleared and that ended any further opportunities. The 2nd unit very had little time and couldn’t generate anything.

The Avs then tried to get aggressive ad the power play ended and sprung Clutterbuck on a breakaway. Fortunately Varly was there to save it.

The following shift saw Everberg steal the puck on the Islanders break out blast a slap shot but Halak was there.

At the 5-minute mark, Landeskog took his minor demotion for a shift to heart and weaved through the entire defensive zone to lead a 3 on 3 rush. After another nearly knee penalty on MacKinnon, Landeskog was trying to feed Iginla, but Iginla couldn’t get a stick on it.

TANGENT 2: This moronic announcer has now called EJ “assistant captain Jack Johnson” and now “Mark Johnson.”

Tanguay they got called on a weak fucking penalty. Very weak.

PP3: The Islanders had good movement again, but really were forced to the outside the entire time.

Period over.

Systems Update: The penalties really hurt the Avs after a pretty bad first goal.  The Avs looked to be getting some more momentum in the tail end of the 1st, but another penalty hurt that.  The Avs really didn’t have much defensive time not down a man.  It was hard to fully analyze it so I will have to wait for the 2nd.

Period 2:

Avs still on the PK for 13 seconds. Penalty over.

The Islanders continued to keep possession and get a really good chance. The Avs looked very slow getting out of their zone. Something still looks really, really off.

The Avs defense are allowing holes in their defense; the wingers are not dropping down low enough.

This team is in real trouble. The Islanders had a nice shift that saw Tavares win the battle and the puck back to Hamonic on the point who beat Varly on a long range, heavily screened shot. 3-0. Islanders.

The Avs following shift actually looked like hockey. Duchene’s line decided to move their feet, which was crazy, and Duchene drew a tripping call.

TANGENT 3: And now it’s Mike Johnson. Seriously dude? Do some basic research. Fucking idiot.

TANGENT 4: This Cadillac commercial is beyond offensive. 1) the guy put the Christmas tree on backwards, that shit would fly off; and 2) the other guy parked right in the middle of a fucking fountain walkway. That is not a parking lot. DISLIKE.

PP2: The first 20 seconds looked GREAT! Johnson had an ice shot and then McGinn was robbed. And McGinn then took another penalty.

That was just weak. Absolutely absurdly weak call.

4v4: The Avs had some speed; I mean I swear I saw speed, but nothing came of it.

PK4: And it’s over.

Duchene’s came out and saw Duchene try to chip the puck around the Islanders’ defense. The Islanders defenseman couldn’t find the puck so instead interfered with Duchene and was called.

PP3: Well there was a goal on the PP. But it was from the Islanders who managed to win the puck and launch Kulemin on a breakaway who beat Varly with a beautiful move. The Avs had nothing else after hat. PP over. 4-0 Islanders.

With 3 minutes to go, MacKinnon’s line had some, at least a little, zone time (if you can call it that) with Johnson being kept to the outside.

Thankfully the period ended without New York scoring again.

Systems Update: Not good. The defensive zone wasn’t so bad actually, but with the new system seemed to come a complete gap in the neutral zone. I have not seen a team have some much space in the Avs’ neutral zone since Roy took over. It was just awful. Pure, unadulterated awfulness.

Period 3:

Well this should be interesting.

The Duchene line had a moderately good shift or something. Then a bunch of nothing from MacKinnon.

14 minutes until I can turn off this came and Nielsen found himself all alone in front of Varly, but Varly was able to save all the shots. But then the Islanders scored again of a shot with Varly completely blocked in front. The Avs defense was nowhere to be seen. 5-0 Islanders.

Oh wait, the Avs weren’t done hanging Varly out to dry. Strome scored off a stupid turnover. 6-0 Islanders.

Oh and the Avs took a penalty.

PK5: Will it be 7???? Nope.

Another penalty. McLeod then went for hooking.

PK6: Nothing. No 7th goal. Extra point was no good.

With 3 minute left, we got to sleep a glimpse of the old MacKinnon who blew by the defense from a virtual dead stop in the neutral zone. He had a great move but Halak made a better save.

Game over.

Systems Update: I refuse. It was bad. Things need to change. Not worth my time tonight.

Three Whores

None. Absolutely none. Not even Duchene.

Next Loss: Thursday at 7 against the other New York team.

I expect a trade soon.