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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL November 13th, 2014

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What happens in Vegas might be iced

Ethan Miller

Viva Las Vegas! NHL has selected Vegas-based William Foley and the Maloof family as the owners of a Las Vegas expansion team.

Oops. Connor McDavid made a costly mistake by getting into a fight and breaking his hand. Will his 6 weeks of vacation affect his standings in the draft?

The Syracuse Crunch thinks it can beat up on the Tampa Bay attendance.

While social media may have moved on from Voynov, the Kings are still sitting in "salary-cap limbo."

24/7 may be gone, but the Road to the Winter Classic is alive and kicking, and NHL fans will have more access to it than ever.

Corey Perry sits atop the league's scoring, but a serious viral gland infection is keeping him out of the line up.

Advanced stats are not the only thing gaining momentum in the NHL. Technology is on the fast track as well.

Most folks think the idea of ads on jerseys is abominable. This guy disagrees.