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Who Should the Avs Play Outdoors?

The Avs are likely to play a game at Coors Field next year. Who should be their opponent?

Ask and you shall receive...outdoor hockey. At the beginning of the year, Josh Kroenke announced that he was petitioning for the Avs to get an outdoor game next year to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the team. It seems he'll be getting his wish. According to Adrian Dater and two NHL Sources, the Avalanche are "very likely" to host an outdoor game at Coors Field next year. With that being said, who should be the Avs opponent in said game? Here are a few ideas:

Detroit Red Wings

Even though the rivalry isn't anything it used to be, people still flock to Avs-Red Wings games. The appeal is there, but the Red Wings have been spoiled with being in two outdoor games already.

Minnesota Wild

After multiple playoff series against each other, an Avs-Wild match-up outdoors may be the best rivalry game the Avs have going right now.

Montreal Canadiens

Why not make it a throwback? Coors Field is a classic looking stadium, so why not have the Avs sport the old Quebec Nordiques jerseys and take on the old Quebec rivals, the Montreal Canadiens. With this match-up though, it may be more of a Heritage Classic than a Stadium Series game.

Dallas Stars

Let's keep this in the division. If the rivalry with the Wild is too tense for them to come to town, why not bring the folks from big D in instead? The two teams have a rich playoff history and are now division rivals with young teams. Seems marketable to me.

These all seem like reasonable ideas to me, but maybe the NHL will keep beating the same horse and bring in the Blackhawks or the Penguins. What do you guys think?