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GDT: Avalanche at Rangers 11/13/2014, Game 18

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Bruce Bennett

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Rangers of New York tonight above a train station. Game time is 7:00pm in the ET, 5:00pm Mountain on Altitude and NHLN. NO GCL TONIGHT BOOO!

Once again the line blender has been shaken vigorously and unfortunately MHH hero Dennis Everberg is the casualty. Smokin' Danny B and his 2 game-winning goals make their return to the ice in his place.

Projectile lineup


Tangs - Dutch - ROR

Landy - Malkin - Iggy

Fatso - Mack - Danny B

Cody - Clish - Max


Big Jan - EJ

Guenin - Bear

Holden - Redmond




Scratched: Everberg (nacho), Stuart (ouchie), blank space on roster (???)

Injured: Winch, Wilson, Bordy

* * * * *

Since many won't have access to the game, I'll reiterate the standing policy regarding illegal feeds: DON'T POST ILLEGAL FEEDS. If you are in need of one, ask nicely and we'll see what we can do.