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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL November 17th, 2014

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Bruce Bennett

Stadium Journey reviewed the Pepsi Centre experience. [Stadium Journey]

An article that adjusts the ERA points per game from some of the NHL's best (past and current) players. [Copper & Blue]

Horton may need career-ending surgery. [SBNation]

Bryan Murray, GM for the Ottawa Senators, announced that he is fighting Stage 4 colon cancer. [SBNation]

Peter Forsberg was a great competitor, he is being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight. []

Foppa changed the stereotypes of the "one-dimensional' Swede. [Toronto Sun]

Dater has a nice article about Forsberg. [Denver Post]

Rob Blake is also being inducted into the Hall of Fame. []

Blake really liked representing Canada. [Surrey Leader]

Speaking of Blake, he thinks Adam Foote belongs in the HHoF as well. [The Toronto Star]

Gordie Howe's health is rapidly declining. [National Post]

Former Avalanche Leopold will no longer be a Blues. []

Martinez will be out for the Kings for a bit after getting surgery on his finger. [LA Times]