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GDT: Avalanche vs Capitals 11/20/2014, Game 20

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Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Capitals of Washington tonight at the Pepsi Center. Game time is 9:00pm in the ET, 7:00pm lima and can be viewed on Altitude or GCL with radio from the Avs site.

Varly's groin injury is back in the painful stage and he has been designated d2d. Calvin Pickard has been recalled from Lake Erie to handle backup duties. Jamie McGinn's back is acting up and he's missed practice all week. SuperSwede Dennis Everberg and his hat will take his spot on the 3rd line.

Jesse Winchester has been skating without the non-contact jersey, would be nice to see him make his Avalanche debut. Patrick Bordeleau was also skating in a NC and by his own admission isn't in shape at all, still a while off.

The Avs announced that Ryan Wilson will have season-ending shoulder surgery.

For anyone who's counting, the Avs have no healthy subs and no roster spots available to call anyone up. :)

Projectile lineup


Tangs - Dutch - ROR

Landy - Malkin - Iggy

Everberg - Mack - Danny B

Cody - Clish - Max


Big Jan - EJ

Guenin - Barrie

Holden - Redmond




Scratched: Stuart, McGinn, Varly (ouchie)

Injured: Winch, Bordy, Wilson