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Avalanche look to crawl back in the thick of things

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Don't look now but the Avs have put together some Ws.

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Chicago. Games between the Blackhawks and the Avalanche are always high octane events. Tonight surely won't be any different. The big story, of course, is that the Avs have a couple of Ws in a row and are looking to get an actual streak going. On the back of the next big story—goaltender Calvin Pickard—it just might happen.

Picks has been sensational as he's come in for relief of the less-than-stellar Reto Berra. Some, including me, questioned why Roy started Berra last night after Pickard dominated against Carolina. It could be that he wanted his better goaltender to start against the tougher team, so he gave the back up to the back up the first game of the back-to-back. Moot point now as we'll see the youngin back between the pipes.

If the wins and goaltender are the big stories, the big question is Erik Johnson and how he's feeling. No word has come out of the Avalanche camp yet about the injury, so we'll put on our Burgundy Rainbow masks and believe he's fine and will be in the game tonight.





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Game Notes

The Avalanche will be facing off against Corey Crawford and Andrew Shaw will be returning in the lineup tonight as per Joel Quenneville.

Last season the Avalanche won four of their five match ups against the Blackhawks. This season, the Blackhawks are at a .500 on the road. Their last ten games have seen them be 6-4-0. While the Avalanche have been 5-5-0 for their last ten games (and 4-1 since November 11).

You know who likes facing off against Chicago? Tyson Barrie. Last season he had 7 points against them.


Avalanche (8-9-5)
Blackhawks (12-8-1)

Enemy Info

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Game Info

7 pm MT, Pepsi Center, TVA SPORTS 2, CSN-CH, ALT